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Business News Australia's weekly podcast sees host Jack Corbett, co-founder of ISR Training and Corbwood & Associates, converse with Australia's leading young entrepreneurs from startup founders to proven disruptors.

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Whether your business is upstream or downstream along the supply chain, unexpected challenges are part and parcel when it comes to logistics.

But there are efficiencies to be found that are within anyone's reach. Over the course of four years Paul Eastwood has built up Pollen Consulting Group to a sizeable operation providing a wide variety of services to manufacturing and supply chain clients, all driven by the promise of adding value and return on investment.

In this interview with Jack, Paul waxes philosophical on Australia's manufacturing future, and what needs to be done with technology, reskilling and support to drive a new boom.

"We're going to win by getting ahead of the market investing in robotics, investing in and capturing techniques of funding a way to support that," Eastwood said on the latest episode of Talking to Trailblazers.

"We've got to upskill the current workforce and allow them to transition to operating technology.

"We can all operate an iPhone, we all learnt how to use a computer. We all know how to use pretty much any new technology somebody puts in front of us. I think there is an ability to upskill in the right way and create roles."