Super success for cruising geeks

Written on the 13 July 2009

IT turns out that being a geek is quite profitable; a Supergeek that is. The franchised company Supergeek, has grown significantly over the past six years to include 35 vans cruising the eastern seaboard delivering mobile IT repairs.

But what differentiates this IT company from the myriad of others?

Enter Chris Moffat, Queensland’s master franchisor, who asserts the company’s overall success can be attributed to its straightforward product delivery - fast, cost effective and reliable service.

“We’ve got all the systems in place. We are the only mobile repairers who have brand awareness on television, radio and print,” he explains.
Moffat says the attractive thing about its model is the package they offer and the success is really up to the franchisee.

“We have a wholesome package. It gives you guidance in terms of business marketing and we are backed by plenty of experience and knowledge. Additionally we have a 10-year lease which is double the usual lease terms,” he says.

“Return options are also very attractive. If the systems are followed, the chance of success is very high. We insist on compliance. Franchisees can’t pick and choose what they want to follow.”

While the return options are highly dependent on the amount of regional marketing the franchisee implements, Moffat highlights statistics that show franchise owners have a much better chance of success than small business owners.

“Ninety– 95 per cent of small business owners fail, where as 95 per cent of franchise owners succeed; this is because of the franchised system has been trialled and errored. That’s why we have placed such important on sticking to the system,” says Moffat.

In terms of risk, the Supergeek gang believes they’re only what you make them.

“There are risks involved with everything, and no one is immune,” says Moffat.

“Our franchisees risks are their level of commitment; this is mainly the ability to market your territory. The way you do this creates your ultimate success. “

Despite initially pushing growth lower on the priority list, Supergeek has been able to expand from a one man van to a successfully franchised organisation. The company is now planning a rapid growth phase, with 20 – 30 additional franchises to be launched in the next 12 – 24 months.






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