Written on the 10 June 2016 by Karen Rickert


SNAP Fitness Australia has flexed its muscle against industry challengers, such as online fitness guides and F45 team training, by diversifying its offering.

The Brisbane-based gym franchise has introduced US training concepts YogaFit and 9Round to offer members wellness and high intensity training.

YogaFit will launch later this year with 24-7 access to a combination of live and virtual classes, while 9Round covers a complete 30-minute workout across nine stations operating in a continuous cycle.

The flexibility of each training style is set appeal to the time-poor that have been turning to the convenience of app-based workouts and boutique classes.

Snap Fitness Australia CEO Dan Newton says the strategy will transform the business from a stand-alone gym into a fitness eco-system.

"Australians love anything to do with the fitness community and working together in a small, easy-to-access facility," Newton says.

"People are time-poor, so you don't really get an opportunity to offer people a fast and convenient solution within small group training environments.

"It's really important to step into this style of training. There's been a lot of interest in the model versus the traditional cardiovascular, walking on a treadmill and doing a lot of weights."

9Round has four clubs in Queensland and Victoria, with another 25 in the pipeline this year. Clubs are strategically located near Snap Fitness gyms to foster cross membership and dual ownership between franchisees.

Snap Fitness has amassed almost 200 clubs in its network since it was established in 2010, with each club turning over $700,000 annually on average.

"Our model can be applied to regional centres all the way to CBDs," Newton says.

"What makes us different to other 24-7 gyms is you can enhance the model and offering to suit the area. The flexibility within the model is one of the things franchisees like about it.

"What is really successful in one area doesn't always exactly apply to sites in other areas, but the fundamentals of who we are remain the same."

Newton says the industry is about survival of the fittest and franchises that don't offer team training and personalised workouts won't last.

"The industry has always been progressing and innovating and there's something new every year," he says.

"Back when it started in the Arnold Schwarzenegger years it was all about weights, aerobics, then functional training on a Swiss ball, then it was all about cross fit and now as we enter the next generation the industry is very segmented.

"You can choose between a really cheap training solution or spend a lot of money on a premium offering. It's taking the industry from a low-option to multiple options, depending on your appetite."

Snap Fitness Australia has also launched its Australia's Trusted Workout concept, delivering a video workout with instructions each week to motivate people and support its 24-7 offering.

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