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Written on the 3 December 2010

SEP 2010

A BROADBEACH software company offering an innovative carbon offset program has teamed up with a computer recycler to allow business to reduce its carbon footprint.

Little Green Genie (LGG) measures the amount of energy being used by a computer before offsetting this by buying a proportionate amount of carbon credits.

The company has teamed up with Renew IT which is offering computers at half their original price with the emissions from manufacture and ongoing use offset by LGG.

Renew IT store manager Richard Melling, says the LGG program will go a long way in helping businesses to set up their IT systems without the usual heavy price tag and reduce the increasing amount of e-waste.

“We’re simply enabling our customers to contribute positively towards their hip pocket and the environment, both top-of-mind issues in today’s business environment,” he says.

LGG founder James Skinner, says the IT industry is having an increasing impact on the environment.

“Everybody has a computer, and individually we don’t think that they contribute that much to the detriment of the environment, but collectively the worldwide carbon output of computers now roughly equals that of the global airline industry,” he says.

“Little Green Genie is a program that measures how much you use your computer and then calculates the amount of carbon your are emitting as a direct result of that usage, which is then automatically deducted from your pre-purchased carbon credits.

“The software we have developed is free. Our customers are only paying for the carbon credits they gain and we are awarded a very small margin of that.”






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