Reducing jargon from carbon as easy as ABC

Written on the 8 October 2009

CLIMATE change is a complex topic with so many buzz words it can leave many business leaders feeling out of their depth, but that could soon change as a Queensland consultant has written an encyclopaedic guide The ABC of Carbon.

Author Ken Hickson says The ABC of Carbon is about bringing together the plethora of writings on the subject into one place, as a more digestible way of understanding the science, what carbon is and how it can be used to mitigate the effects of climate change.
“It’s not a doom and gloom book, it’s not painting a dark and dreary picture, but it’s putting positively what businesses can be doing to be sustainable,” says Hickson.

“I have a strong belief in using the case study approach, so the book has dozens of examples of what companies are doing to be more sustainable, to use less water, to produce less waste.”

Hickson says the Gold Coast will be vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, but there are many opportunities now for ecotourism and a good focus on sustainability, with the upcoming Carbon Market Expo.

“The Gold Coast is very reliant on tourism and the global tourism industry is very conscious of the threats of climate change on destinations, facilities and services, but there are great opportunities for ecotourism.

“The Gold Coast has a very high percentage of buildings located on canal, coast and low-lying land that is vulnerable to flooding, and it is also a rapidly growing large urban centre. Reliance on private cars and demands on existing infrastructure need to be cut.

“It’s good to see the Gold Coast is the national location for a cooperative research centre (CRC) for tourism sustainability, as well as having the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility at Griffith University’s campus.”

Hickson’s book includes case studies of energy companies like Origin, Ergon, AGL as well as other big companies in the mining and resource sector, such as Xstrata with their coal seam methane power station.

“There’s a strong focus on Queensland, but you have to look at global situations and local situations to cover the full breadth.”

One telling example is of the world’s largest carpet tile manufacturer interface that now targets zero emissions, even as a billion dollar company.

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