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Written on the 2 December 2010


MINING services company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) is applying its revolutionary dust suppression products to some of the country’s busiest ports.

After completing trials in eastern and Western Australia, RST is now working with Australia’s various port authorities to secure permanent contracts with its dust management solutions.

RST technical and development director David Handel, says the management of dust control during the transportation of the minerals from mines to ship, requires specific procedures and technology.

“We work with a variety of shipping ports throughout Australia which are extremely proactive in managing the entire shipping process,” says Handel.

“Shipping ports already work on strict environmental guidelines. We are helping them to meet these guidelines and complement the procedures they already have in place. We also offer cost-effective, water-saving solutions and our proven technologies work.”

RST is using its revolutionary Superskin technology, a breakthrough veneer eco dust suppressant which uses up to 90 per cent less product than its competitors.

The company is also using purpose designed spray systems to apply foamers, water extenders and crusting agents to the transported minerals which suppress dust en route to the vessel.

“Shipping ports are a new growth area for us,” says Handle.

“We ensure the transportation and movement of products is completed in the safest and cleanest possible way, in what is generally a more pristine environment near the ocean and towns. There is a strong market for our dust management solutions, for the entire process from mines through to the transportation and movement of materials and ultimately to the ports.”

RST is fielding enquiries from a number of interested ports and has a contract in the pipeline with Queensland Rail.

“We’ve had a lot of interest and already work with some of the major ports, rails and mines throughout Australia. We also work internationally with contracts secured in South America, South Africa, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Asia and other major industry areas,” says Handel.






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