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IT'S OFTEN said that the cars we drive say a lot about us, and we are sometimes unknowingly stereotyped by the vehicles that we drive. For instance, if you drive a Jeep, you're an outdoorsy type. If you have a Benz parked in your drive, you must be rich.

The list goes on, and It's not as if the stereotypes are connected without cause.

For example, an executive driving a BMW may have bought the car for its ability to leave an impression when traveling from meeting to meeting.

We can't deny the fact that having sleek and sophisticated cars can affect the way people look at us. Even if we try to deny it, there is a part in all of us that wants to leave a lasting impression. This is also probably the reason why we invest so much in cars that are sure to turn heads. But do we really need an expensive car?  

Here are some things to consider when buying a car.


Any car is an investment. You want to make sure that you are getting your money's worth. Although it may seem like an expensive purchase, there are still plenty of ways to afford it, and being mindful of additional costs is one of them.

Do you really need all those extra options? Options are where manufacturers make the most money on vehicles and many people pay a huge bill for several additional items which have no benefit to resale value.

If you want a particular vehicle, another way you can afford it is to look for financing avenues that will see you behind the wheel. Vehicle finance companies such as stratton provide car financing options that can get you behind the wheel without enormous upfront costs.


Owning a luxury car can inspire a great sense of accomplishment for owners, and many use it to treat themselves for financial success in business. However, before committing to that glamorous vehicle, check your wallet first. Do you have the financial capacity to service the vehicle?

There is nothing wrong with dropping your dream car and looking for other options if you can't afford it yet. The important thing is for you to get an automobile that is convenient to use and yet won't compromise your budget.


Are you paying for a car that you absolutely need or are you getting it just for the features you won't necessarily use? Either way, it won't hurt to examine the performance of an automobile before putting your money on it. Consider getting a vehicle inspection if you're getting a second hand car to ensure it meets safety standards.

Look at whether the car's speed, acceleration and durability (for example) fits your lifestyle, as you want a car that can go with you wherever you want. Driving it should be an enjoyable task instead of a frustrating one. So don't waste your money by getting something that does not meet your satisfaction.


If you are going to spend your money, it's better to spend it on something long-lasting. We all know very well that nothing lasts forever and cars aren't an exception to the rule.

Make sure you've done your research on the wear and tear before settling for a model. Ask yourself if it can last for three more years and your future self just might thank you.

Perhaps most of us know that ecstatic feeling when buying a car. You step into a car show, see that glossy coating, smell that fresh and crisp leather scent, hear the roars of the engine and you just can't wait to put your hands on that wheel and drive that baby on the road.

However, think twice before spending your hard-earned money. It's nice if you can afford that dream car of yours, but always consider how that particular automobile can help to take the stress out of daily life, instead of being the cause.

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