Written on the 9 August 2012 by James Perkins


A COMPOUND linked to the beneficial antioxidants in red wine has been developed into a health product by a Gold Coast company.

Resveratrol is found in the skins of red grapes. Some studies say resveratrol provides health benefits because of its antibiotic properties that help protect the grape vine from disease.

Cell Stimulation’s ubloom123 capsules combine resveratrol with the acai berry, a popular food supplement harvested from a species of the palm tree.

The energyboosting acai is widely eaten in South America as a breakfast and dessert additive.

Cell Stimulation founder and CEO Robert Thumm’s (pictured) says ubloom123 is the result of extensive research combined with his family’s generational knowledge of the wine industry.

The Thumm family has been making wine for more than 300 years. His ancestors moved from Germany to the Barossa Valley in South Australia in the 1900s and set up one of the regions first vineyards.

Robert Thumm studied the science of winemaking at university and has used his understanding of compounds in grapes and fruit to develop ubloom123.

“This potent blend of resveratrol and acai berry plus other super fruits is a powerful antioxidant combination,” he says.

A Southern Cross University study has found one month’s supply of ubloom123 contains the same amount of resveratrol as 3000 glasses of red wine.

Ubloom123 Resveratrol and Acai Berry Extract capsules contain 300mg of extracted resveratrol and 100mg of açaí, along with a mix of anti-oxidants, vitamin B complexes, vitamin C, minerals, omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, trace elements and pre-biotics.

Ubloom123 offers three product programs to address issues including detox, weight loss, energy and overall health.

Level 1 is peak health and energy; Level 2 is life balance and peak performance; Level 3 is well-being and healthy lifestyle.

Michael Yacoub, the CEO and founder of Advantex International, is advising Cell Stimulation on building its brand and business model.

He says it is inspiring to see how Thumm has capitalised on the wine industry’s surplus of red grapes to build a new business offering health products to customers.

“Through ubloom123, this company is touching people where they live," says Yacoub.

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