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IN A rapidly changing world, an organisation's survival hinges on its successful digital transformation.

According to studies, digitally transformed companies are 26 per cent more profitable and generate nine per cent more revenue.

The MarTech Summit was introduced based on the demand from marketers, to keep pace with the latest developments and applications in digital marketing.

Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) CEO Lee Tonitto (pictured) says the explosion of digital marketing technology now effects all areas of a business.  The role of MarTech is to also educate marketers in what is available.

"Marketing technology plays a crucial role in customer experience including the consumer's perception of a brand and paves the way from product to purchase," says Tonitto.

"MarTech is an important event, as it examines new data and digital developments which are pivotal to understanding customer's needs, challenges and journeys, and will help in creating more meaningful and tailored content to resonate with intended target audiences."

The MarTech Summit is the latest addition to AMI's event offering, bringing together marketers and guests from around the country.

Delegates will hear from guest speakers from brands including HP, IBM, PQC, Qualtrics, Ansell, Blirt, iSentia and Marketo.

The event offers six separate 45 minute sessions in the morning with delegates able to choose three of the sessions to attend, as well as a three-hour masterclass in the afternoon.

The choice of masterclass includes understanding the digital and social landscape and identifying future markets, and how to lead, manage and design a business to create inspirational branded experience.

Ahead of the event, Tonitto offers insight to the 2017 predictions affecting the marketing profession in 2017:

1. Own the customer experience and life-cycle across all channels.

A good marketing officer is chronically obsessed with customer.

2. Ramp up marketing technology.

Going half way won't cut it. This includes in-depth knowledge of digital experience platforms such as Adobe Marketing Cloud and its VoC partner Qualtrics, as well as the transactional commerce component that drives revenue for the business.

3. Customer Experience collaboration.

Organisations must undergo radical shifts in their structures to align themselves with how customers act in a new world obsessed with digital experiences. This starts with the CMO closely collaborating with the CIO, and building from there.

4. The beautiful world of data and analytics.

Pragmatic marketers have a saying for those who refuse to glean insights through data: "Your opinion, although interesting, is irrelevant." Opinions are great, but real-world data is greater. Smart marketing officers rely on data and analytics to understand what's really going on with the business.

5. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile.

The new battleground for customers is the mobile moment. Marketing officers must put mobile experiences at the forefront of everything they do. Check out the Blirt messaging platform.

To read more about the MarTech Summit or secure your place as a delegate, click here.

This is a sponsored feature, courtesy of the Australian Marketing Institute

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