13 June 2016, Written by Melbourne Business News

HAGGLING has just entered the 21st century. 

A Melbourne e-commerce business has developed 'live negotiating technology' and launched a suite of real time haggling websites.

Haggle'n'Handshake's 'Haggler' platforms which include health and wine marketplaces let sellers and customers negotiate directly on price, value and deal terms.

Director Raqual Ricardo says her wine platform has been so well received that the business is now fast-tracking to deliver road trip, golf, seafood, and hair and beauty platforms too.

"On Wine Haggler, the buyer receives access to high quality wines from our world class Aussie winemakers - many award winners only previously available at the cellar door or through private wine clubs - and the winery boosts its bottom line by cutting great deals directly with customers nation-wide," says Ricardo.

"Our technology is levelling the playing field for small and medium sized businesses. Our winemakers can now control their own marketing and keep more of their hard-earned profits by reaching and engaging directly with a national marketplace audience online."

Ricardo says the negotiation doesn't add more pressure to buy, and both parties can forfeit the transaction altogether.

"Seeing what deals you can do is fun and there is never any pressure or obligation to buy - you can just click 'not now' to disengage whenever you want," she says.

"On our Haggler platforms, when you find a deal you like you'll find most businesses are happy to give you a better price or value-add additional inclusions to sweeten that deal for you to win your business."

The business is members-only, costing $5 per month for access to all platforms, and produces an immediate bell message when there is a haggle request.

If a live haggle isn't an option, the system automatically sends the best current offer through to the buyer as backup.

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