Australian manufacturing is not dead, says Frosty Boy MD

18 January 2018,

Australian manufacturing is not dead, says Frosty Boy MD

Queensland-based manufacturer, Frosty Boy Australia says that the manufacturing industry is not dead, despite the highly-publicised closure of many manufacturing companies across thecountry, and the populist view that the sector is on its last legs.

The Office of the Chief Economist has confirmed that there has a been a decline in the manufacturing sector, and Frosty Boy has bucked the trend with growth in more than 54 international markets.

Frosty Boy was established in 1976 and makes frozen desserts and beverages and its managing director, Dirk Pretorius, says those working in the manufacturing sector who are able to bring a unique combination of expertise, innovation and efficiency can be both successful and commercially viable on the international stage.

"It is possible for Australian manufacturing brands to be successful on the international stage by adopting a culture of constant advancement in innovation and technology," says Pretorius.

"Ranking sixth in largest employer by sector, the importance and potential of manufacturing in Australia should not be overlooked but embraced with open arms, intellectual rigour and innovative offerings. 

"Frosty Boy has seen a significant increase in international demand for our products and we have adopted advanced manufacturing techniques to remain competitive. In fact, we have experienced an increase in production by 17 per cent year on year over the last decade of operation." 

Pretorius also says that the company's global expansion plans were driving local growth, consolidating local jobs and adding significant value to the local economy sector through the company's Gold Coast base.

"The market belief is that Australia's geographic isolation and high operational costs have reduced its international competitiveness but this is simply not true," says general manager sales and marketing Felipe Demartini.

"Companies can sidestep this perception and expand into new markets if they embrace innovation, great service and become experts in their field.

"Although generally Australia is seen to have significantly higher operational costs, Frosty Boy invests significantly in operational efficiencies to reduce this reliance and allow it to compete on an international level while still being able to leverage the internationally acclaimed 'Australian Made' brand."

According to recent statistics, 83 per cent of the Australian population wants more manufacturing jobs regardless of the fact that Australia is currently relying more on foreign producers to supply our manufactured goods.

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