3 March 2011,


BELIEVE the hype.

The DBS Aston Martin is the best looking car in its category and packs a knockout punch with a feisty 380kw.

While power in the 6.0 litre race-bred V12 is awesome, the design aspects command equal attention. Hand built aerodynamics display the polished prowess of Aston’s director of design Marek Reichman and he has not let the British thoroughbred down.

Elegant and refined yet propelled by brutal horsepower, this is a race car in every sense. It’s an exhilarating driving experience, exemplified by the fact that you are at the controls in one of the best all round sports cars on the planet.

A striking component of the DBS is the use of carbon fibre panels. Each panel has been carefully sculpted to direct the airflow around the car, into the engine and to help cool the new carbon ceramic braking system. The carbon-fibre elements are produced using advanced manufacturing techniques developed from the aerospace and motorsport industries.

High levels of performance and control are delivered by the combination of inherent light weight, a flexible V12 engine and a performance-honed six-speed transmission which is clicked into manual via paddle shifts on the steering wheel. The brutish V12 will burn around 20 litres per 100kms in the city or 13 litres per 100km when cruising.

While Aston continues to dazzle the cognoscenti, it is also forging lasting creative partnerships with leading brands, including exclusive Swiss watch manufacturer Jaeger-LeCoultre and Danish audio specialists Bang & Olufsen. As a result, the modern Aston Martin demonstrates an envious combination of performance and style.

To start, a glass ‘key’ is inserted into a docking station in the dashboard-mounted glass starter button. It then glows red to indicate when the car is ready to start. Yes, everything about this car is cool. Little wonder it topped a poll as the coolest brand in the world, edging out the likes of Apple.

Aston’s CEO, Ulrich Bez noted: “Once you can define precisely why a brand is cool, then it no longer has the magic that earns it that label. There has to be an element of mystique, something that eludes definition. In order for a brand to have that quality, it needs people behind it with a passionate, creative vision who care for and nurture it.”

To commemorate Bez’s 10th year at the helm, the company has launched the DBS UB-2010 edition, which includes a limited run of 40 DBS comprising 20 Coupes and 20 Volantes.

Aston Martin remains a cultural force that embodies design and engineering excellence and the DBS is its rock star. Priced at a touch over $500k, it is also one of its most expensive.

However, if there’s a better looking sports car on the market, we’re yet to see it.






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