Young Entrepreneur - Claes Loberg - Cocojambo, Guvera, Absolute Tattoo

Written on the 12 March 2009

Claes Loberg - Cocojambo, Guvera, Absolute Tattoo

Business established: 2004
17 other projects.
Growth: 70%
Age: 38

CLAES Loberg is the creative genius behind several successful companies revolutionising brands, tackling piracy issues and taking advantage of the tattoo market. He says he loves innovation and the manic energy created in growing organisations; and as founder and as leader of three businesses, he’d know.

Loberg established Cocojambo: a brand specialist company; Guvera: a project that is designed to solve global piracy issues; and Absolute Tattoo: a new subculture brand designed around the world of tattoos. With this much on his plate, it’s difficult to imagine where all the ideas come from but Loberg explains he gained his motivation for each company from a different source.
“Cocojambo is a service-based business where myself and the team get to dive into brand new businesses every month, we get to be a part of the team and contribute some of the energy needed to grow the client companies we work with,” says Loberg.
“Guvera is the culmination of many years person work in New York, London and Los Angeles in the space of Branded Entertainment . It’s an area of work that I am very passionate about and Guvera fills a massive market that has not yet been tapped. It’s an enormous opportunity that is amongst the biggest projects I have been working on in my life to date.”
As for Absolute Tattoo, Loberg says: “It is a new brand to fill a market gap. It’s where my brother and I have taken a page from Richard Branson’s motto ‘find an industry that’s under serviced and service the hell out if it’.”
Loberg is currently travelling though Los Angeles, New York and London meeting with CEOs of every major entertainment company. For Guvera: it’s deal time.





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