What’s in a name?

Written on the 3 December 2010

OCT 2010

A search to find ServiceSeeking.com.au’s top 10 business names shows a tiling service called Great Lay Tiling and a lawnmowing company under the banner Getting To Mow You.

There’s also a handyman business Men Behaving Handy and carpenter Touch Wood Joinery.

A survey of ServiceSeeking.com.au’s 26,000 small business registrants found the majority of businesses signed to the online service network opt for straightforward or obvious names, with Taylor Made common among anyone with the surname Taylor and anything ending with ‘it’ a popular choice among IT professionals – think Fix IT and Reboot IT.

ServiceSeeking.com.au co-founder Jeremy Levitt, says small businesses that make a bold statement by choosing an outlandish name are better placed to win work.

“Those with a unique name stand out from their competition and customers are more likely to remember them,” he says.

Tim Junuid from plumbing business Rainman couldn’t agree more.

Although the popular 80s film wasn’t actually the inspiration behind his clever business name, since realising the connection he’s been riding the coat tails of the famed flick.

“Customers joke about the name all the time and hand me numbers to calculate,” he says.

But it’s ServiceSeeking.com.au’s pest control businesses who have conjured up the most creative names with SWAT Pest Solutions and Suck It Up.

Then there’s those that prefer shock value such as Up Against The Wall Painters.

“We wanted something that was catchy that would also give people a bit of a giggle – most customers have a good sense of humour,” says Great Lay Tiling co-owner Amber Leschke.

“I believe our name helps create a more personal, friendly rapport with our customers which in turn generates excellent word-of-mouth business opportunities
for us.”

So what’s the most effective naming strategy?

“It’s good to steer away from run-of-the-mill names, but you still need your name to relate to the service or product you’re offering,” says Levitt.

“While a creative business name can make a great first impression, small business longevity relies on quality service.”

Gold Coast honour’s roll includes florist Give Her One Tonight and Off Tap Plumbing.

If you think your business has an edge due to its creative namesake, let us know: editorial@gcbn.com.au






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