WA live exporters given the green light to relaunch next month

Written on the 7 August 2018 by David Simmons

WA live exporters given the green light to relaunch next month

Despite significant resistance to the trade from the Australian public, exporters in Western Australia have been given the green light to relaunch the live sheep export industry in September.

West Australian Agriculture Minister Alannah MacTiernan is aiming to relaunch the live sheep export next month using "reputable" producers and reduced stocking densities.

"We hope in a month's time to restart this industry with reputable producers, reasonable stocking densities and on modern ships," said MacTiernan to reporters on Monday.

Right now, about 60,000 sheep are stocked at a Perth feedlot after the Department of Agriculture suspended the export licenses of Emanuel Exports and sister company EMS Rural Exports.

Emanuel, the company behind the disastrous Awassi Express shipment where thousands of sheep died in deplorable conditions during the Middle Eastern summer trade, could not come to agreements with fellow exporters Wellard and Harmony Agriculture.

Another exporter, Livestock Shipping Services, also withdrew from participating in the northern summer trade.

As reported by AAP, another livestock exporter booked a ship for September but backed out after Animals Australia threatened to take the matter to court and seek an injunction.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack openly criticised those who spoke out against the live export trade on 6PR radio.

McCormack insisted live export has a future but hit out at city people who "probably sit in their soy latte cafes" and are "keyboard warriors" for commenting on agricultural issues.

He said animal welfare minded farmers should not "take the fall" for exporters who did the wrong thing.

The Federal Nationals leader also claimed there was a large disconnect between city and regional Australia.

"I think a lot of city kids probably think their meats, fruit, vegetables and milk all just come from a refrigerator from a supermarket," he told 6PR radio.

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