Tritium scores large scale electric vehicle charger deal in Europe

21 May 2019, Written by Business News Australia

Tritium scores large scale electric vehicle charger deal in Europe

Tritium's disruptive electric vehicle (EV) charging technology will be distributed to 120 sites across Europe in what is a breakthrough deal for the Brisbane-based company.

Tritium will supply IONITY with its Veefil-PK 350kW DC high power EV chargers for 120 new IONITY charging sites across Europe.

This is the largest deal Tritium has made for this new product and will see an average of four to six chargers installed per site across 23 countries in Europe.

IONITY will have the largest, and fastest, charging network in Europe once the chargers are rolled out.

The deal ensures that Tritium is now the largest supplier to the IONITY network; of the planned 400 sites across Europe, Tritium will supply its Veefil-PKs for at least 220 sites.

"IONITY has a vision for electric vehicle charging which mirrors ours; it's not just about the speed of the charge but the experience for customers," says David Finn, CEO and co-founder of Tritium (pictured right).

"These chargers will soon be ubiquitous along the highways of Europe and ensure that the increasing number of EV owners across the continent will be able to drive whenever and wherever they want."

"The sheer number of these chargers will all but eliminate range anxiety while enabling energy freedom and announces to the world that EVs are here to stay."

Each Tritium high-power charger (HPC) can deliver 350kW of power for fast charging of modern EVs, which can add 350 kilometres or 220 miles of range in 10 minutes of charging.

The deal includes around the clock remote and on-site support, with the rollout of the next wave of chargers expected to be completed by 2020.

Currently, EV drivers have to pay an 8 Euro session fee when they want to charge at an IONITY station.

Currently deployed chargers at an IONITY site in Germany (provided)

At the beginning of May 2019 Tritium announced the opening of its new innovation centre in Brisbane, the largest of its kind for EV charging manufactures in the world.

The main business of Tritium is not the manufacturing of EVs themselves, rather the vital infrastructure that allows the technology to thrive: chargers.

Tritium first unveiled its EV Fast Charger in 2014, which is now installed in 29 countries and counting.

The company more recently released the most powerful EV charger in the world. This high-power charger is currently being rolled out across Europe and can add 350 kilometres of range to an EV in just 10 minutes.

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