The Test Drive that's designed to help you stand out from the crowd

1 February 2018, Written by Paris Faint

The Test Drive that's designed to help you stand out from the crowd

An undergraduate degree was once a distinguishing feature of employability and a person's skills in the business landscape.

Today however, undergrads have become the new norm and expectations now turn to higher levels of study.

Professionals look to postgraduate degrees and other forms of upskilling to improve their own personal brand and remain a cut above the competition.

Due to this shift, it's become more difficult for undergraduates to stand out to employers, clients and even potential business partners or stakeholders.

Many people opt for a Masters Degree when searching for ways to upskill, however they are often daunted by the idea of spending significant money and sacrificing long hours to postgraduate study.

Thankfully, Bond University has introduced a solution to help professionals overcome this anxiety.

It's called Test Drive; an experience designed to ease professionals into the idea of a higher degree without forcing them to immediately commit to the cost and time requirements of a full course.

Professor Barry Burgan, Deputy Dean of Bond Business School, says the Test Drive helps students clarify their own situation; whether they have the time, resources and ability to successfully complete a full degree prior to locking one in.

"Students are often coming off a number of years where they haven't studied, and they are often worried about whether they can cope with the cost and workload," says Burgan.

"Undertaking the Test Drive helps them understand their own positioning better; do they have the time, resources and abilities to successfully complete a full degree."

Burgan also says the Test Drive presents an opportunity to see behind the marketing speak and get the best possible idea of what a postgrad degree will entail.

"It allows the student to get behind the generic description of the program and allows them to see for themselves the extent to which that description is real and effective," Says Burgan.

Most students who begin with a Test Drive end up going on to complete their chosen degree with exciting opportunities on the horizon.

MBA (Executive) graduate Elise Gore says the University was particularly good for helping her build a diverse and powerful network in her career as a management consultant for Resource Safety Solutions in Western Australia.

"I originally chose Bond because of the structure of the Master of Business Administration (Executive) program," said Gore.

"The intensive format and its frequency, the selection criteria for the cohort, and the units on offer meant I could work in Western Australia and commute to the Gold Coast for intensive study blocks."

"I've gained so much from Bond's MBA (Executive) program a different perspective from which to analyse and build upon businesses, a different frame of reference around what it means to be a good leader, and a re-set, crystal clear focus on my career purpose."

Visit the Bond University website or call (07) 5595 2266 for more information on how to book a postgraduate Test Drive today.

This article was written in partnership with Bond University.

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