Written on the 28 November 2014 by Jenna Rathbone


FADY Hanna launched onto the Gold Coast branding and marketing scene with Flagship Digital two years ago and since then has ensured his company lives up to its name. 

Generating between 45,000 and 50,000 leads per month for clients including Telstra, BMW, Red Cross and Virgin, the branding and advertising company has a specific focus on client profitability.

The 26-year-old says every Flagship Digital product and service is specifically focused and targeted around a client’s return on investment.

“We give clients solutions that they haven’t received from any other company, including lead verification and a lot of solutions that are quite foreign to Australia,” says Hanna.

“That return on investment focus has allowed us to really have valued clients and grow the company on a local and international basis.”

Hanna worked with IPGA (Investment Property Group Australia), which was paying about $1500 per appointment prior to engaging Flagship Digital.

“Through our lead-generation avenues we have been able to produce over 350 leads per day for them in a very competitive industry, and bring their cost per appointment down to $375,” he says.

“We have generated a scalable pay-per-lead model for them which has allowed their cost per appointment to drop by 75 per cent.”

Another client, XY Body Treatments sold six new stores within six months following a rebranding delivered by Flagship. Prior to that it sold five franchises in five years.

Hanna says the company finds targeted customers for clients at a very cheap pay-per-lead price through incentive marketing. 

Hanna says this might involve an iPhone or car give-away that delivers a database to which client services can be promoted.

“Another example is they might tell us their income is over $100,000 so we will take that information and offer them something like a test drive of a new BMW,” he says.

“It is a revolutionary way of generating leads that are incredibly cost effective.”

Hanna says his company is unmatched on a national basis and is still yet to find a company internationally with the same approach.

Last financial year, Flagship Digital lifted revenue 170 per cent from the previous year.

Although the company has had the opportunity to have a presence in Sydney and Melbourne, Hanna Says the Gold Coast will always be home.

“The concept of a Gold Coast company leading the way nationally and internationally has always excited us and been an integral part of our DNA,” says Hanna.

Flagship Digital also donates 10 per cent of its company revenue to charity and most recently sponsored a well in Sri Lanka to provide a local village with clean drinking water.

Author: Jenna Rathbone
About: Jenna Rathbone is a Queensland-based journalist who writes on a range of issues including business and property affairs and social issues.
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