Written on the 9 October 2015


RAVE Radio is a business with a beat that is easily underestimated.

The vibe created by interactive EDM performances has led to thousands of followers on social media as Rave Radio founders Brett Allen and James Todman (pictured L-R) have wowed the rave set for the past eight years.

Performances at big-name events and nightclubs, with Todman leading the charge on the digital drum pad and ramping up the crowd as MC, have garnered fans across the globe.

Behind the beat, there is the rhythm of a thriving business that this sort of exposure creates. 

The DJs have carved a name for themselves in the music industry, officially remixing tracks for the likes of Akon, Pitbull, Lil Jon and Stanton Warriors.

The producers have also notched success with a number of their own releases, with support from major artists pushing 'Rumble' and 'Mugatu' reaching the number five spot on the ARIA Club Charts.

The career path was a natural progression for Allen, having grown up around the entertainment scene. His father Paul Allen owned Melbas on the Park for almost 30 years before selling the Surfers Paradise stalwart in 2009.

Allen says despite his pedigree, it has been a challenging industry to break into as a DJ.

"It's very cut-throat, one day you're in and the next you're out - to achieve longevity in the business is the goal and that's very difficult," he says.

"Most DJs would get a manager or an agent, while at the start we didn't have those available to us. I figured if we made the contacts ourselves, we'd be more in control of our careers and business.

"It really came back to growing up around Melbas. It's all about networking, communicating and learning how to talk to different people.

"Networking is crucial, if you don't know anyone in the business you can't open doors for yourself."

Managing tour bookings and marketing for themselves has paid dividends for Rave Radio, with more than 85,000 Facebook fans, 25,000 Instagram followers and 21,000 SoundCloud followers.

The numbers continue to climb as new fans come through, while some followers have been supporting Rave Radio from the start a combination that can be tricky to balance, says Todman.

"The 18 to 25-year-old demographic is our market. You've got to keep appealing to them and making sure your music is relevant to what they're into," Todman says.

"We've always grown each year, whether that be breaking into new markets or different countries and we keep realistic about where we're going with it.

"We always look at things on a global scale and we try to achieve a global success with what we're doing."


- We're very particular with what we release on social media and focus on how we project our brand. Use images that appeal to all ages and avoid anything dingy or sleazy.

- When you release content, think to yourself if anyone will really like it or care. Find ways to make your photos connect with people and relate to them.

- As soon as your stuff starts to look like advertising, people start to lose interest. Creating a personality is key with social media.


Catch Rave Radio at a special performance at the 2015 Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Awards on Friday 23 October at Victoria Park, and the 2015 Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Awards on Friday 30 October at Jupiters Hotel & Casino.

Don't miss the chance to celebrate with the city's trailblazers. For more information or to secure your spot, click here for BRISBANE and GOLD COAST.







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