Written on the 10 February 2011


AT the entrance to one of the Gold Coast’s most famous steak restaurants is what should be the centrepiece of every great steakhouse – a large display showcasing what’s available on the menu.

From tender eye fillets and delicious T-bone steaks to loins of lamb and barbecue pork ribs, the appetising diversity of meat products at Cav’s Steakhouse catches the eye long before the menu does.

But as founder Richard Cavill (pictured) explains, the produce here doesn’t land on the other side of the glass by accident. Each steak undergoes several steps in quality control.

“All the meat in Australia is graded by its quality and we always source the highest grade, best quality meat available; take no prisoners and spare no expense,” says Cavill.

“We age the meat for six to eight weeks to further break down the enzymes before our butchery shop undergoes a quality check and cuts the product into portions.

“The butcher’s job is to ensure that 99.9 per cent of every steak delivered to the restaurant is identical in shape, size and is high in quality.”

The eye fillet main is consistent with that philosophy. Thick, juicy and tender, there’s not many better on the Gold Coast.

Or go for the Yahoo barbecue ribs where the meat will fall off the bone every time.

Cavill has a network of 12 primary meat suppliers from all across Australia and New Zealand.

“Owning our own retail butcher shop next door allows us to do that, as turnover for us is very important. Rather than purchasing 20 boxes of meat we are able to order 80 cartons or a pallet of meat and secure that cost-effectiveness,” he says.

Cav’s Steakhouse may be famous for its beef offerings, but by no means is the renowned eatery a one-trick pony. If you can flick past the ‘serious steak’ menu, an array of seafood, chicken and pasta dishes are also available.

Topping off a big steak with a side of fresh BBQ Aussie prawns, caught just kilometres away, is highly recommended.

“We do everything we can to ensure our seafood is sourced locally and kept fresh,” says Cavill.

“Sometimes the seafood industry means that isn’t possible, but for the most part, our fish and prawns are sourced from the Gold Coast up to Mooloolaba. Our oysters all come out of Tasmania where they’re bred naturally in the ocean waters.

“All other fresh produce is also sourced locally, it’s important that we as restaurateurs support the local industry.”

Cavill attributes his restaurant’s dedication to local suppliers as one reason regulars continuously come back to the Labrador restaurant, but says the biggest factor is consistency.

“Consistency is my biggest thing. All our staff are trained and are dedicated to consistency in all areas, from the cooking of the steaks to their service. It can be difficult but if you stay on top of that every day, usually everything comes out spot-on,” he says.






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