Written on the 28 May 2013

Nimble co-founder Greg Ellis (pictured) says the company will beef up its marketing campaign this year to continue growth.

The short-term lender's rebranded company, formerly called Cash Doctors, has almost tripled its revenue in the past three years to $12.6 million and employs 68 employees.

An updated software system, which can quickly evaluate potential borrowers and weed out potential fraudsters, has played a big part in driving 30 per cent growth this year and an expected 47 per  cent growth in FY13.

"We have created something different to everyone else in Australia and having done the rebrand, it is time we took it to the mass media, because we are in a little-known category," says Ellis, 37.

While the short-term loan industry has a questionable reputation, Ellis says Nimble is founded on strong ethics and its loans of up to $600 over no more than 45 days don't allow lenders to become trapped in debt.

Nimble will soon release a pre-paid debit credit card, which can access Nimble's "Smart Little Loans".

Ellis co-founded the business with Sean Teahan and a third partner who is no longer involved in the venture. Ellis and Teahan previously owned, then sold a telecommunications business in Ireland.

It was memories of their cash-strapped younger days which have inspired the creation of Nimble, with just $100,000 capital in 2005.

"We recalled the times during our 20s, times when despite having a reasonable job, I still ran out of money, but didn't want to put anything on my credit card or the other options which were available at the time," says Ellis.

Ellis says Nimble operates in a tightlyregulated space and any change in government policy can have a huge effect on the business. In the past, that has been the cause of some concern, he says.

"When there are changes, we have to rework the business and change the software system, which was a massive project. I call this business a technology business, not a finance business," says Ellis.






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