25 August 2017, Written by Fantastic Furniture


GONE are the days when working in an office meant being stuck behind a high-walled cubicle.

Open-plan office designs have become the new norm, creating an environment where workers can freely move about and discuss ideas.

Many offices have even adopted a 'hot desk' policy, where people switch workstations on a daily basis.

This trend toward a more collaborative workspace has also created the market for a new style of flexible furniture.

The range of office furniture from Fantastic Furniture encompasses design principles that marry practicality and style, which are essential ingredients in any modern workplace.

Clean-lined desks, cabinets, and bookcases can be mixed and matched as required to suit virtually any working environment with flexible storage capabilities ideal for an open-plan or hot desk set-up.

Adaptable office furniture is now the popular choice for most workplaces as technology and culture constantly change.

As monitor and computer sizes change and new technology emerges, businesses are choosing office designs and furniture options that can accommodate for the future.

Companies want room to grow and expand without having to pay for unused space, so furniture that can be moved and fitted to different environments is crucial.

Another workplace hot topic is the concept of wellbeing. In addition to engaging in initiatives such as wellness programs and fitness regimes, employers are recognising the need for ergonomically-sound office furniture to ensure the long-term health and comfort of employees.

Furniture in the modern office, including desks and chairs, is adjustable to suit anyone as employers recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Today, a welcoming and comfortable workspace which can be easily arranged to suit different work modes is expected in any office environment to inspire productivity and collaboration.

While office furniture was once considered little more than a necessity, it's now a key consideration in creating a harmonious working environment.

If you are setting up an office workspace, take a look at Fantastic Furniture's range of modern, flexible and affordable office furniture solutions.

This article is brought to you by Fantastic Furniture.

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