Racy Honey Birdette ad banned, founder says "religious zealots" to blame

15 August 2018, Written by Paris Faint

Racy Honey Birdette ad banned, founder says "religious zealots" to blame

Oh, honey!

Head-turning lingerie brand Honey Birdette's latest campaign has been nipped in the bud following complaints one of its key images was "too sexual".

Australian watchdog Ad Standards has banned an image from Honey Birdette shopfronts which shows a woman wearing an opaque white bra, through which her nipples are visible (pictured).

This marks the 13th time in the company's 12-year history that Ad Standards have banned an image from being displayed in Honey Birdette's shopfronts and the 28th time the company has been subjected to an Ad Standards ruling.

Founder and managing director of Honey Birdette, Eloise Monaghan, said the decision to ban the ad showed a "ridiculous" double-standard.

"How is it that men's nipples do not warrant complaint, however a highly faded female nipple that is covered by a lace bra can now lead to sexual assault? How offensive!" said Monaghan.

"Should we suggest that all women wear full head to toe swimwear to the beach to avoid being sexually assaulted? It's the most offensive non-sensical rubbish and it's 2018."

Focusing on the issue that the model's nipples were revealed, complaints reportedly argued that the ad contravening current Australian advertising standards.

Complainants were also reportedly concerned with the ad's visibility to children in shopping centres.

Honey Birdette's latest campaign, 'Indecent Manor'

According to Monaghan, certain groups with axes to grind have been largely responsible for current and historical complaints against Honey Birdette.

"Ad Standards are fully aware that we are a target and these complaints are engineered by a certain group of religious zealots that want women wearing white gloves and a veil under the pretense of 'protect the children'," says Monaghan.

"Look at the image! No child is looking at that and saying, 'I'm offended'.

"It's a frightening development for the modern woman and Ad Standards should be ashamed of themselves."

Despite the criticism against her company, Monaghan said Honey Birdette will remain steadfast in promoting equality and the visualisation of confident women.

"We are here to empower women and we are going to continue to do that," she said.

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