Written on the 19 November 2012


NEW pool-cleaning technology is making a splash across international markets.

Maytronics Australia’s pool-cleaning “robots’’ are swimming to foreign shores as the Brisbane pool-cleaning technology franchise expands overseas.

The technology is cordless and operates independently, scanning and mapping pools and walls as it cleans. It is also capable of climbing pool walls and cleaning slightly above the waterline.

Standard consumer products of the company’s Dolphin range (pictured) retail for $849 to $2500, while commercial units cost $3500 to $17,000.

Managing director Dan Kwaczynski and sales director Chris Papa recently returned from business trips to Asia. The pair has successfully set up distribution networks in Taiwan, Thailand, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

“There is fantastic potential for us as many Asian countries are fairly undeveloped with no available data or many industry associations. It is a bit raw from that perspective,” says Kwaczynski.

“We want to cover all of Asia and the Middle East regions. We do regular visits to understand the market and local people. What works in the Philippines will not necessarily work in Thailand.”

Kwaczynski has also discovered the Maldives market is heavily dominated by resort pools, while Thailand’s has more highrise residential buildings with rooftop pools.

He believes his success in Asia is due, in part, to transcending the conventional business meeting and staying in the country longer to understand clients and their businesses.

“In Australia, you would just have a meeting and that would be it. In Asia, there are also after-hours business dinners to attend to get to know each other personally,” he says.

“We have done a Dolphin product launch at Sea World, where key international distributors could pat real dolphins. The dolphin name conjures images of intelligence rather than a traditional creepycrawly pool cleaner.”

Maytronics Australia was established in 2011 and employs 14 staff across its Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth branches.

Its US-based parent company, Maytronics Group, turned over $100 million in the 2012 financial year.

Kwaczynski plans to set up 15 local dealerships for commercial customers, who cannot afford to wait for extended periods for a specialist cleaner. He also plans to use publicity and advertising to help increase brand-awareness.






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