Written on the 18 May 2015 by Karen Rickert


TECHNOLOGY plays a part in almost every aspect of our lives, with one psychologist using it to innovate mental health as well.

Emma Howard established Equilibrium Health with the intention of helping people live the best life possible, through an accessible service for all financial budgets.

Clients are able to visit Howard's clinic in Labrador, as well as participate in consultations through telecommunications software Skype.

Howard says the digital sessions offer a number of benefits, particularly for agoraphobia and social phobia sufferers.

"The greatest advantage of Equilibrium Health offering Skype consultations is that an individual with mental health difficulties, which impact upon their ability to leave their home, can access quality psychological interventions," Howard says.

"Another benefit of Skype is that individuals living in remote locations can access mental health management.

"We have identified a growing need for outback communities and the farmers of Australia to access quality psychotherapy."

Howard has also developed a mobile app, Façade Feedback, to reveal the general level of mental health that would be generally covered during the first consultation.

Friends and family members use assessment tools to leave confidential feedback on the user, allowing the psychologist to get to know the patient better.

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