Written on the 11 September 2015


IT APPEARS the rich never rest, as a survey reveals 61 per cent continue their work on weekends, during family time and on vacation.

The Visa Affluent Survey 2015 polled 4000 respondents from eight Asia-Pacific markets, showing that Indians, Singaporeans and Chinese are the most likely to have worked more on weekends now than they did a year ago.

Just one in 10, say they do less work on weekends now than they did a year ago.

In Australia, 40 per cent of men and 36 per cent of women conduct work during the weekend.

"For the affluent, even though spending time with the family is important, the commitment to do well in life means tilting the scales of work-life balance in favour of career pursuits," says Ruben Salazar, Visa Asia Pacific vice president of products.

"The constant need to stay connected to office matters bring lifestyle challenges, including health risks associated with working long hours and losing precious family time."

During personal time with family and on holiday most respondents say it's hard for them to peel away from office emails and from tackling work-related tasks.

Eighty-three per cent of affluent individuals in India say they check emails during family time, more than any other group in the survey, followed by 79 per cent of respondents in Hong Kong and 77 per cent in Japan.

Eighty-five per cent of respondents from China, 83 per cent from India and 73 per cent from Hong Kong say they've performed work-related tasks, such as making work phone calls or attending meetings with clients while on holiday.

It's not all bad news for the working rich, with more than half, or 54 per cent, likely to use a lifestyle concierge to help them cope with chaotic work schedules.

The most likely to use such services are the Chinese (86 per cent), followed by Indians (74 per cent) and Indonesians (66 per cent).

"With little reprieve from work even outside office hours, the affluent are beginning to see the benefits of using professional concierges, so that they won't lose out on quality personal and family time," says Salazar.

Visa offers a concierge service to its premium cardholders.






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