No more beef over imports

Written on the 15 September 2010

A DECISION by the Federal Government to order a full analysis of beef imports from countries previously affected by mad cow disease, is good news for Gold Coast bakeries and consumers.

The review will result in import delays of up to two years. It follows a backflip after the government’s myopia last year to lift a blanket-ban on beef imports from affected countries.

Goldstein’s Bakery co-director Martin Goldstein, whose family-owned Molendinar-based business sells more than a one million 100 per cent Australian meat pies a year on the Gold Coast, will continue to combat the price versus quality war.

“People like to know what they’re ingesting (and) it’s left to family-owned businesses like ours and other Gold Coast bakeries to point out we only use 100 per cent Australian beef. In our case from Warwick Meats a wholesale producer with an unblemished record over a really long time for nothing but the best,” he says.

“We support Australian farmers to the hilt and that’s how it should be. Australia has the capacity to remain a major beef producer and exporter and by allowing sometimes dubious sources of imports to take market share here only hurts our economy and jobs.

“We use prime Australian yearling beef in all our minced steak range as well as the chunkier gourmet range and naturally, we’re proud to be legitimately 100 per cent Australian. Having our own team of butchers in our Molendinar factory to mince our meat ensures quality control.”

Goldstein’s has 16 stores on the Gold Coast including a drive-through at Labrador and employs around 150 staff. The business has annual revenues of around $10 million a year with moderate growth expected.

It recently increased prices by 5 per cent, meaning consumers will now pay $4.40 for a traditional beef pie – slightly higher than the market average.

“2009 was not a great year for retail, but we are expecting a stronger year ahead,” says Goldstein.

“The meat pie is a billion dollar industry in Australia and Aussies just continue their love affair with the meat pie. I hope Gold Coasters know they can trust their local meat pies to be the real thing and under my watch Goldstein’s won’t use anything but 100 per cent prime Aussie-bred beef to support local farmers.”






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