Written on the 12 March 2015 by Tracey Voyce


CONVERSION is the process of turning a website viewer into a customer or client.

Basically it is the number of people who follow through on the call to action on your website - this might be to make a purchase, call or sign up.

Businesses risk missing out on significant conversion rates by concentrating their efforts into attracting prospective clients to their websites, rather than increasing the number of website visitors (warm prospects) to take action.

The following tips are simple, cost-effective and could make a big difference to your business.

1. Make life easy: An easy-to-navigate, speedy and clearly structured website makes the process of becoming a client much easier. If someone has to wait for extended loading times or gets confused trying to find what they're looking for, they are more likely to switch to your competitors.

2. Show purpose: Your business has a unique selling point, if not more, use it to your advantage. Make it clear and bold why they should choose you over anyone else.  Don't lose all these important points within paragraphs of content. Make them stand out with bullet points, bold buttons or words to showcase your strengths.

3. Be honest and clear: Give your site visitors the information they need and want, clearly and honestly. Don't reveal crucial information like a hefty shipping fee, client prerequisites or out of stock products after the viewer has already spent their time researching, reading and deciding to take action. This will annoy them and they will swiftly leave your side with negative emotions toward your business.

4. Build trust: Give viewers a reason to trust you by including reviews and testimonials on your website. Word of mouth promotion is the most influential form of marketing. Bloomtools' newest product, online reviews, allows you to add reviews to your shopping cart and testimonials.

5. Go that little bit further: If they are in the early stages of buying or choosing a company to work with, stay top of mind and encourage them back with remarketing and trigger emails.

6. People like to research: Don't allow your website to be nothing more than a catalogue, provide the user with what they need. During their decision making process they will source information - provide it for them at their fingertips. Make it in-depth through a blog, reviews, FAQ's, articles and advice on your site.

7. Help them take action:  Have all your calls to action clear and in prominent locations. Make them stand out with a striking colour and also include them in your text.

8. Match their place in the buying lifecycle:  Visitors might only be at the initial research phase, or looking at options, or ready to choose a product, supplier or business.  So have multiple calls to action to suit. For example, buy now, call now, enquire now, quote now, download this free report or join our VIP club for 10% discount on your first purchase.

9. Get exactly what you need and only what you need: Don't waste time asking a plethora of irrelevant questions. Each question delving into the visitor's personal information will discourage them from converting.

Author: Tracey Voyce
About: With more than 20 years of business management experience, Tracey Voyce is the sales and franchising brains behind Bloomtools. Tracey has owned and managed many businesses and spent several years training and motivating coaches at the world’s largest business coaching franchise.





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