Written on the 23 August 2016 by Paris Faint


TWO powerhouse firms have joined forces, announcing the merged Rice Naughton McCarthy (RNM) to Brisbane's family law community earlier this month.

Anne-Marie Rice and James Naughton from Rice Naughton teamed up with Kieran McCarthy of Jones McCarthy, together creating the largest specialist family law firm in the city.

The trio had toyed with the idea of a merger for a few years before deciding to begin the official process at around Christmas time in 2015.

"We have a long history together," says partner Anne-Marie Rice.

"We always got along very well and practiced in a similar way, so this merge was a natural progression."

The leadership team, which also includes fourth partner Bruce Dodd, looks forward to taking the firm's services to the next level over the coming months.

With six accredited specialists, four solicitors and six support staff already working with RNM, Rice believes the merger has inspired a strong sense of commitment.

"What we have now is the benefit of lots of experience," says Rice.

"We have a number of accredited family law specialists along with the energy and the vigour of those young practitioners who are deeply committed to family law we are excited about the renewed energy that the merger has given us."

According to McCarthy, the merger has also inspired a positive reaction from the rest of the legal community.

"The main piece of feedback that we've heard from peers is that the merger is a good fit," says McCarthy.

"The people that we've spoken to in the industry who know our companies recognise that the synergy is there so we felt very heartened by that."

Rice says that the main focus for RNM in the coming months will be in dispute resolution outside the courtroom.

"There's lots of disaffection with the court system at the moment, so we are very strongly focused on methods of dispute resolution that don't involve court," she says.

"We have a very unique set of skills here, with plenty of excellent solicitors who can take clients through the mediation process and also the collaborative process and court, if need be."

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