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IF YOU own a business, you will know that the decision to move premises isn't made lightly. Once your business starts to grow, on the one hand it's very exciting, yet on the other it can present a problem for the ill-prepared.  

Relocating to a larger space often requires months of planning, and the costs of moving particularly from a home-based office to a building can be enormous.

If your business lucky enough to be moving on and up, and is starting to outgrow its current space, consider these five points to ensure the transition is a success.

Scrutinise the space carefully

Once you have established that you require a larger space, you should forecast exactly how much space you require for projected growth.

Before the excitement of moving to a brand-new building sets in, consider specifically how many staff you are looking to onboard.

Also ask yourself whether your company has any special requirements of the new space that may make your business hard to accommodate.

The best bet is to always seek help from a commercial real estate agent who can help manage your requirements and offload the stress of the vetting and moving process.

Scale the supply of your essential office items

As your staff headcount continues to grow, so too will your bill for office essentials. Instead of making expensive one-off ad hoc purchases, consider the value that you could extract from an office goods supplier that is set up to manage every aspect of a growing workforce.

A business such as OfficeMax can organise essentials when you move into your new premises and forecast demand down the line to anticipate purchases before you need to make the call yourself.

These types of multi-layered suppliers take the strain off business owners so they can continue to do what they do best: manage the growth of their company.  

Prepare your floor plans

Ideally, you should already have a floor plan in mind when you select your new office space. Consider working with an interior planner or simply mark out spaces on the physical floorplan to ensure all staff are accounted for.

Planning the flow of staff not only from desk to desk, but also between departments, can ensure an easy transition and ultimately pave the way for a smooth transition.  

Keep in touch with everyone

Remaining connected with clients and staff during the office space transition is crucial.

Never underestimate the cost and effort required to install essential services such as your phone and internet connections prior to your move date.

Don't forget the law and your duties

Consider your legal obligations and requirements when moving sensitive information.

The government provide guides on how to legally move information to your new location and these are important to keep in mind when making the move.  

Always keep in mind your obligations to staff as well as clients when making the transition.

Lastly, remind yourself to enjoy the move, and remember that you're working with companies that can manage the transition seamlessly to take the weight off your shoulders. Planning, truly, is everything.

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