How Johnathan Thurston shrunk his power bill by going solar, and how you can too

21 February 2020, Written by David Simmons

How Johnathan Thurston shrunk his power bill by going solar, and how you can too

What's your least favourite part of your electricity bill?

As we suffer through a very hot summer, it's likely the cost.

Powering those air-conditioning systems certainly isn't cheap, but as clean energy solutions become more accessible there are now plenty of ways to slash your bill.

NRL legend Johnathan Thurston learnt this firsthand when he partnered with Instyle Solar to discuss a system that could wipe out his entire quarterly power bill.

Spending bucketloads on electricity every four months is not just expensive, but it is entirely unnecessary.

The money spent on keeping your home cool can be better saved for far more entertaining things like a family holiday or that fancy new gadget you've been keeping your eye on.
Even with limited prior knowledge about the power of solar, JT quickly understood the benefits and possible costs savings!



While the science behind solar might be above most of our heads, installing a system and reaping the benefits is anything but complicated.

That's especially the case when you have the Instyle Solar team guiding you every step of the way.

Before JT partnered with Instyle Solar to make his energy consumption more sustainable (and of course, a lot cheaper), he didn't know a great deal about the benefits of solar panels.

Some facts about our energy consumption: up to 40 per cent of your power bill comes from weekend usage, which makes sense considering this is the time most of us are at home enjoying aircon during the summer, getting some chores done, and generally relaxing to the max with our favourite modes of entertainment. Who can blame you!

Additionally, 15 to 30 per cent of your power bill is standby electricity; this is gobbled up by leaving electric appliances plugged in and switched on but not in use.

All of these things add up. Taking JT for example, with a household of six people, he was able to access serious savings per quarter on his electricity bill once Instyle Solar intervened.

Over five years, adjusting for the inflating cost of electricity that bill expands monumentally. Really, it's just dead money when you're renting electricity from the grid.

"It's just one of those costs that everyone accepts in Australia," says Instyle Solar sales director Jonah Hicks.

"But you can slash that by embracing solar."

Over the last six years the solar industry has gone through a raft of twists and turns, which Hicks says is why many Australians are intimidated by the prospect of installing solar panels at home or at work.

"We find that most people who look at solar don't understand how it works, which is why we come around to explain it."

The benefits of solar are basically too good to be true; so long as the sun is still shining your solar panels will be doing their job.

But what about the bottom line? For JT, the savings shocked him.

Based off his current quarterly bills and energy consumption JT is able to save hundreds of dollars a quarter. Think of where you could spend that money instead of watching it gurgle down the drain.

"It's a very confusing industry, because it has changed a lot over the last six years," says Hicks.

"But if you buy cheap, you buy twice. So, buy top quality and trust that the solar experts at Instyle Solar will be with you every step of the process."

Want to find out how you too can slash your energy bill? Head here to get in touch with the friendly team at Instyle Solar.

This article was written in partnership with Instyle Solar.

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