Written on the 30 March 2016 by Paris Faint


WHEN people smash their phone screens it often sparks a string of internal curses, but for one Brisbane-based entrepreneur it inspired a business idea instead.

Ben Turner quickly became frustrated with the process that followed cracking the screen of his iPhone, having to go to a busy electronics store during work hours, sit and wait for a long time to be served and part with his phone for an entire day while it was repaired.

He realised that for the modern business person who relies heavily on their mobile during the working week, finding the time to sit through the same kind of process would be a nightmare.

"It was somewhat of an ah-ha moment," says Turner.

"Here we are living through a screen revolution, where almost everything is connected to a screen of some kind, so to be disconnected for a day is just frustrating.

"Given that I was in this situation I found myself asking; wouldn't it be better if someone could come to me?"

In response to his own question Turner launched Screen Fixed in Brisbane, an on-demand device repair service where customers can order travelling technicians to any location in the city at the click of a button.

Turner says Screen Fixed is all about eliminating the hassle of being phoneless during a busy workday, providing higher quality assurance and a faster turnaround time than other bricks-and-mortar retailers.

"When it comes to phone repairs, not many people understand that now they can have their device repaired right in front of them, when and where they want," says Turner.

"While there is one other on-demand iPhone service in Brisbane currently, we set ourselves apart by offering a superior product and service, while also putting a large emphasis on the customer experience and ensuring we use the highest quality parts."

Following the success of Screen Fixed in Brisbane, Turner has launched into Sydney and is hoping to crack the Perth and Canberra markets later in the year.

Turner says Sydney was the prime choice for initial expansion due to its highly connected business culture, dense population and fast-paced lifestyle.

"Brisbane is where Screen Fixed was born, but when it came time to decide where next to expand, Sydney was a natural choice," says Turner.

"We are so excited to have expanded into Sydney this month, and are already looking ahead towards growth into other markets, with Perth and Canberra in our sights in particular."

By the end of the year Turner hopes to see certified Screen Fixed technicians in more major cities throughout the country and has plans to push into Asia-Pacific markets by 2017.

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