H2O to profit

Written on the 15 September 2009

EVERHARD Industries is about to release two new rainwater capture products to market and with a motto of ‘everything water’, general manager Tony Formica says innovation has been the key to growth over the last 83 years.

Already selling products ranging from household taps to storm water pipes, Formica says Everhard is investing in new machinery to improve productivity as it also expands its international reach.

“With RainIQ and H2Duo, these will significantly increase the effectiveness of rainwater capture and ensure the maximum utilisation of rainwater, thus decreasing household demands for town water – this is a very exciting development,” he says.

“We are constantly improving our products to better meet our customers’ water management requirements — whether that is in times of drought when water is so precious, or in times of really intense rain events when effectively getting the water away from your home or business premises can avert massive damage and costs.

“Over the past few years we have begun building more overseas markets, establishing an international division that has achieved success in the South Pacific Islands, Singapore, Taiwan, China and South Africa.”

Employing 250 staff with four pre-cast concrete plants spread from Brisbane to Cairns, Formica says Everhard has built a reputation as a company that can be relied on to take water diversion, containment and treatment seriously.

The last year has been difficult for Everhard with a slump in housing construction affecting sales, but Formica is not content just to wait for the recovery.

“We’re confident we have the expertise to survive as manufacturers, as well as distributors, in Australia but we need to be lean and very focused,” he says.

“The thing I enjoy most about my job at Everhard is being a part of the continual improvement of a business that has been such a significant part of so many people’s lives.”

Formica would not leak revenue figures.






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