Gen X and Y^ take on the Baby Boomers

17 April 2009,


CURRENTLY businesses face a challenge in recruiting and retaining staff. There are three different generations colliding with each other in the workplace and in far too many instances, these collisions are having an impact not too dissimilar from that of a gigantic meteorite hitting the surface of the planet – causing massive disruptions and damage to both business and individuals alike.
Australia’s population has doubled since 1960, radically changing the demographics of the Australian workforce. Technology is reshaping everything it touches. Keeping abreast of these trends and responding appropriately to the fast-changing needs and wants of the 21 st Century workforce is one of the major challenges facing business today.
How can a Baby Boomer negotiate for successful outcomes with Generations X and Y if they don’t understand what they are dealing with? How can Gen X & Y get what they want and need if they don’t understand what makes their Baby Boomer and Builder Managers tick?
Based on the latest Australian research, this ‘Gen Wars’ presentation will provide a better understanding of the dynamics at play, as well as providing insights into the generational diversity that exists in the business community. Attendees will be equipped with a better understanding which can be applied to achieving better negotiated outcomes – aimed at reducing those galactic collisions and resulting in people being able to more effectively engage.
This seminar will be particularly useful to the staff of any business wanting to gain a creative advantage.
Dennis Hall will be present the seminar. He has more than 30 years experience in sales and marketing — 15 years in the tourism and hospitality industries, where he was responsible for contract negotiations within Australia and around the world, including New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom and USA. Hall now directs his own business – Ausbizlinks, which focuses on delivering communications skills training to business, as well as online marketing support for SMEs.  He is a regular and experienced facilitator for AIM.
The event will take place on May 6. More info at:





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