18 July 2011,


THE IT manager at Zarraffa's Coffee has developed a new cutting-edge point-of-sale (POS) system, launched in all outlets to increase efficiency.

Developed over three years by software developer and service provider Addictive Technology Solutions, Zarraffa’s new POS system fully integrates a store’s total IT and telco needs into one state-of-the art network.

It has created a streamlined process for sales staff and better benchmarking data for management.

Addictive Technology is a partnership between Zarraffa’s IT manager Robert Marsden (pictured) and CEO Kenton Campbell.

“This system basically combines the whole range of retail IT solutions into one core product. The store’s ADSL internet connection, fixed phone lines and hotspots, security system and VoIP technology are all provided by the one central POS,” says Marsden.

“Traditionally in a retail environment, all these services are handled by different providers yet they still have a direct connection with each other. Any minor technological problem would take an age to fix as service providers all pointed fingers at each other and it would all go around in circles.”

All 47 Zarraffa’s Coffee stores have been fitted out with the new POS systems for the front counter and it’s up to each franchisor if they wish to take on the additional technology including security systems and VoIP.

Marsden says 80-90 per cent of franchisors have jumped aboard the full suite of integrated products and are reaping the immediate benefits.

“Another important aspect of the POS is that it encourages a healthy competitive culture between the stores across the entire company,” he says.

“The technology ranks all the stores in terms of both total sales and sales of customer loyalty cards. It doesn’t tell franchisors the exact amount of money other stores are making, but it does clearly display the rankings among stores across Australia.

“This acts as a great motivator for management and staff alike, and can be used as a very accurate key performance indicator (KPI).”

Once the technology is fully installed across the Zarraffa’s Coffee chain, Marsden and Campbell will take the Addictive Technology POS systems to other retail companies.






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