Fire prevention invention to soak rural areas

17 April 2009,


INNOVATIVE trio Paul Bond, Andrew Bond and Bennett Nicholls have secured a deal to bring their world-class Bushfire Pro system to Queensland and Northern NSW.
The ODL Projects triumvirate are celebrating following negotiations in Sydney last month that will see their preventative Bushfire Pro technology used for rural, residential and commercial bushfire protection.
The Bushfire Pro preventative system involves an internationally patented sprayer-sprinkler system.
“We are confident this system could have saved not only properties but lives in the devastating Black Saturday bushfires,” says Andrew Bond.
“In fact, the system encompasses much of the preventative measures contained in the State Government’s guidelines for preparing your property before the bushfire season. Although there is no guaranteed 100 per cent prevention method available for bushfire protection, the Bushfire Pro when combined with other preventative measures such as fire break clearances, window shutters, dams and internal sprinkler systems provides a comprehensive system with which you can be confident.”
The system will suit free standing buildings such as sheds, horse stables, schools, churches and government infrastructure within the bushfire zones. Developed in collaboration with fire agencies, bushfire engineers and the CSIRO over the past decade, Bushfire Pro is on the cusp of leading the world in bushfire protection systems.
“Other permanently installed sprinkler bushfire systems available do not provide sufficient water volume nor provide the required flow direction for effective building protection during bushfires as they are generally designed for agricultural and garden use only,” explains Bond.
The heart of the Bushfire Pro system is the HD10 sprinkler-spray head which releases 9.6 litres per minute over a 17m spray pattern.
“Because the water is placed between the fire and the building, not only direct intense flames but any wind driven flames or even an ember attack will be extinguished before the building actually catches alight,” he says.
“Furthermore, all Bushfire Pro systems are completely independent of mains power and water supply. This provides additional security to building owners as in some instances fires travelling towards buildings will take out these services before reaching their property.”
The system arrives at a time when concerned locals in Springbrook and Mudgeeraba are outraged at the limited action taken by the council in respect to fire management.





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