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6 July 2009,

Entertaining clients is the extra step businesses need to take to ensure a deal is closed, appetites are appeased and clients are kept happy.

The ability to entertain clients successfully is one of the most desirable skills to have in a corporate setting. If your clients are content and the business process has been enjoyable, you are more likely to see the results you want to see and keep them coming back for more.

While the temptation to indulge may be too much to resist it is important to keep a few simple rules when wining and dining clients.

It is important to remember that the ability to impress clients will most likely lead to repeat business a desirable outcome for all companies.

Extravagance is not crucial and excessive behaviour could be more of a deterrent than attraction. Preparation is key to ensuring your strike the correct balance between having a good time while delivering a specific message.

While the mealtime entertainment may seem like the best option, there are many other ways clients can be entertained. Keep in mind the following suggestions when you’re brainstorming how to close your next deal.

Sporting events
Hosting a corporate golf day is a different way to engage with your clients. Alternatively supporting your local team through corporate box, or prime seats at games is a popular way to entertain.

Business trip
If you are entertaining clients from interstate or overseas keep in mind that they might be eager to take in some of the city sights. Often business trips are short and rushed so take some time to show your client the local sights.

What can you do that’s different to you competitor?
Hiking, karaoke, or attending a show are some examples of out of the ordinary activities you can do with your clients. These memorable experiences mean that the clients will have a longer lasting impression of you.

The Gold Coast Arts Centre

The Gold Coast Art Centre offers the perfect option for entertaining clients this Spring. The Three Chefs Do Lunch event provides an entertaining option to awe clients in a relaxed environment.

The event will showcase three of the Gold Coast’s best chefs who will conduct a cooking workshop live on stage in the Paradise Showroom.

The three highly-respected local chefs will use the freshest local produce combines with a dash of comedy and finished off with a sip of superb wines.

This time the event will feature Chris McIntyre from the Titanium Bar, Brian Meade from the Gold Coast Arts Centre and Paul Smart from Room 81.

The chefs will complete their signature dishes to create a sumptuous three-course meal on stage while discussing their techniques.

Entertaining situations, such as the Three Chefs Do Lunch provides a forum to sink your teeth into business topics while being entertained.

This is also a key networking opportunity with table settings providing a prime forum to introduce your clients to each other.

The event is taking place on September 5 at the Gold Coast Art Centre.






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