6 July 2010,


THE paradigm is shifting.

Fast evolving media platforms are changing the way in which businesses communicate information to a new wave of consumers.

A change in the message and how it’s delivered has altered the landscape from which we have become accustomed and the advice is simple - adapt or be left behind.

It’s a ‘post post modern’ world and digital has opened up vast new channels from which to slingshot brands into the psyche of a much better informed market.

Multi-dimensional gadgets are pushing aside traditional media streams as we enter perhaps one of the most significant mass media evolutions not seen since the last dot com boom.

It’s not just the technology that’s morphing, it’s the content too. Recessionary ripples have had a lasting effect on consumer spending habits and marketing experts say corporations must get more creative in the way goods and services are promoted.

The days when a business could rely solely on advertising or public relations to grandstand their goods and services are past. Now a more holistic approach is demanded of ad agencies and spin doctors as they scramble to discover better solutions to manage client needs.

Social media is opening up vast avenues and the consensus is that people are going to talk about your business, so you better become part of the conversation.

In this issue we speak with the city’s top marketing, advertising and public relations operators, sourcing from a broad knowledge base on what business owners can expect from this chameleon-like advent.

All agree that timing is of the essence and that a new design on attitude is imminent if client demands are to be met.

On June 11, Australia’s No.1 media planner and buyer Harold Mitchell will visit the Gold Coast to bring his unique slant on the future of media and its role in revolutionising mass communications.

The chairman of Mitchell Communication Group is an integral figure in the new digital guard and will offer valuable insight as to how your business can gain a competitive edge by integrating the way your products and services are presented.

Mitchell commented in his regular Sydney Morning Herald column:

“By the end of next year, I think we might make sure that we’ve paid off all the home loans and are ready for another bit of adjustment. But for 2010, if you’re in the media and advertising business, as we said six months ago, hang on for the ride. It’s going to be a big year.”

Don’t miss your chance to get up close and personal as Gold Coast Business News presents Mitchell at an exclusive one-off event at the Sheraton Mirage on June 11.

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