13 May 2015,


ONE Gold Coast company is changing the perception of offshore staffing moving it away from call centres and IT help desks and establishing it as a key way to grow local business. 

AMBS Offshore Staffing Solutions, a Robina-based office offering overseas employment opportunities, is aiming to debunk the myths around offshore staffing and says it can actually have a positive impact on the Australian economy.

Although it is commonly thought of as a way to replace local staff with cheaper alternatives in Asia, it is now a way for businesses to improve productivity and expand locally, says Airlie Maclachlan, the AMBS Managing Director.

"Offshore staffing is becoming a popular avenue for small business owners to access affordable talent, freeing up their time for more productive uses," says Maclachlan.

"The intention of business owners is not to replace Australian staff but instead to complement each other.  The offshore staff are commonly thought of as support staff so the workers on the ground in Australia are able to delegate administrative work, giving them time to focus on bigger tasks.

"It is no longer cold-calls from foreign workers it is skilled and educated staff offering a range of services from graphic design and web development to payroll and chartered accounting." 

A report by MicroSourcing suggests 45 per cent of SMEs that engaged offshore staffing saw their local workforce grow, 80 per cent maintained or increased their size, while 69 per cent said their main motivation was to expand their team.

The SMEs had an average of 19 staff when they began offshoring but had experienced a 17 per cent increase to 23 employees.

Maclachlan says other advantages of offshore staffing include the ability for staff to operate around the clock and businesses can reduce the need to outsource, maximise staff efficiency, save money and sustain a competitive advantage. 

She says business owners are also in control of the process and have complete transparency an advantage that some don't believe is possible.

"Offshoring hands you back the control not possible with outsourcing," says Maclachlan.

"You select the candidates, nominate their benefits, and are responsible for their career development and training.

"This also allows you to develop the skills of the managers within your organisation, allowing them to add the management of an offshore team to their resume, which is a valuable skill in today's global economy."

AMBS provides staff members based in the Philippines.

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