25 June 2015, Written by Jenna Rathbone


FROM a family-owned home business to a global distributor, Morlife is transforming the health industry on the Gold Coast with its innovative approach to the research and development of "functional foods".

The Gold Coast business, founded by Dr Warren Stewart, aims to provide consumers with simple nutritional solutions that vastly improve their nutritional intake.

Stewart says these foods are known as 'functional superfoods', as opposed to health foods, because they have higher nutritional values.

"We started off in health foods and it was probably about 10 years ago that I started to realise that although health foods are all very well, they are not delivering the right nutrient content," says Stewart.

Stewart says the body needs around 10,000 orac units of antioxidants per day but on average a consumer is only getting around 3000.  A lot of people seek antioxidants through sultanas and strawberries, but "they are not going to help", says Stewart.

Morlife has designed a range of goji berry products which provide a higher density of antioxidants.

"We are all so complacent and so brainwashed to believe certain things about nutrition, which are so wrong," says Stewart.

"The food market is so confused because there are so many companies making huge claims.

"Uncle Toby's says it has antioxidants on the packet of its breakfast cereal and people go 'oh antioxidants, great, I am getting it' but they are not - 25ml of vitamin E and 10ml of vitamin A is nothing.

"We are trying to push the boundaries of what the meaning of food is and what the food is that we need to eat that will push our body to give it better function."

Morlife, which distributes as far afield as Dubai, China and Czech Republic, has also designed a range of mueslis which go above and beyond with a wider range of nutrients and greater density, including a range of vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants and omega-three fatty acids.

"These foods are very different from normal health foods; they are totally and truly functional and they are very highly nutritional based and they are moving to be quite radically different from normal food," says Stewart, who is also developing products for gluten intolerance and digestion,  along with foods that help with stress.

"Ultimately if we can eat the right foods, we can substantially change our body function and not only live with a greater level of wellness but also hopefully live longer and certainly have more focus and be happier."

Morlife's dedication to the research and development of foods has seen the business secure 11 finalist spots in eight categories in the prestigious Food Magazine Awards. The categories include health and wellness, ingredient innovation, label design, organics, prepared foods, ready meals, snacks foods and employer of the year

"It feels great to be nominated because we put a lot into our products and their development," says Stewart.

"We do believe we have a major difference to other companies and selling that major difference is what will enable the consumers to gain better health and wellness.

"As we also are on the Gold Coast, the lifestyle capital, we feel we are in line with what the Gold Coast stands for, which is getting more out of life."

Morlife's biggest customers include Woolworths, Costco and IGA and the business has had two offers to be brought out by different pharmaceutical chains.

The Gold Coast City Council has also helped to fund Morlife, which has grown to employ a staff of 60, on a number of trade missions around the world.

Author: Jenna Rathbone
About: Jenna Rathbone is a Queensland-based journalist who writes on a range of issues including business and property affairs and social issues.
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