1 June 2016, Written by Melbourne Business News

MELBOURNE hospitality group Franchised Food Company, the crew behind Cold Rock and Mr Whippy, has acquired Healthy Habits.

Franchised Food Company picked up Healthy Habits from Dymocks Group.

Stan Gordon, founder and CEO of Franchised Food Company, says this marks a new era for his business which specialises in the 'fun treats market'.

Healthy Habits was founded in 1992 and currently has 25 locations across Australia and New Zealand which cater to almost 40,000 customers each week.

Franchised Food Company will take Healthy Habits off the Dymocks Group shelf on 1 July 2016. Apart from its well-known book retailing division, Dymocks Group has a stable of other retail businesses, as well as confectionary, manufacturing, commercial property and farming assets.

Healthy Habits managing director Mark Buckland says this will open Dymocks Group up to further opportunities.

"After doing so much to develop and position the Healthy Habits business, the board decided that for the brand to grow to the next level it would need to be part of a larger food franchise," says Buckland.

"The divestment into FFCOs capable hands also positions the Dymocks Group well as it continues to develop and exploit opportunities for its other businesses which have experienced significant growth both organically and recently through acquisitions."

Franchised Food Company's Gordon says key business systems such as POS and rewards will remain unchanged post-transaction, as well as key supplier relationships.

Gordon is big on the idea of 'theatrical retail' and previously told Business News Australia he's in the business of 'selling smiles' and 'sugary naughtiness'.

Based on current IBISWorld estimates, Franchised Food Company runs around 10 per cent of the Australian ice cream industry through its Cold Rock Ice Creamery and newly invigorated Mr Whippy franchises.

In an announcement today, Gordon said there are 'dramatic changes in how Australians want to consume fast food'.

"While there is always an appetite for an occasional treat, generally Australians are now much more health conscious," says Gordon.

"We're really excited to be able to cater to our customers on even more occasions with sandwiches, salads and fresh juices."

Read about another Aussie business, Sumo Salad, tossing up the fast-food industry, and Brisbane business Doughnut Time, which is in the business of sweet treats.

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