10 August 2012,


JUST like the combination of barley, hops, water and yeast, the partnership between Brennan and Peta Fielding has brewed up something special.

The owners of the Burleigh Brewing Company are celebrating a win at the Brewer’s Association Beer World Cup as their factory doubles its production capacity.

The success is built on the formidable partnership of the husband-and-wife team.

Over five years they have maintained double-digit growth and expanded staff numbers from two to 15.

Brennan is director of beer operations, while Peta, as CEO, has the business acumen needed to ensure her husband can be paid to toil away at his bubbly task.

“We have got two very different skill sets and that makes us very good partners. She runs and manages the company and sales staff, while I have the fortunate task of brewing beer,” says Brennan.

Brennan’s HEF (short for hefeweizen, a beer style known for low hop bitterness) won the south-German-style wheat beer category at the World Cup in San Diego against 80 competitors, including plenty of Germans.

“It is fun to beat someone at their own game,” says Brennan.

He is a veteran of the tournament and previously won a number of other gold medals. He also has done stints as a judge.

“The HEF style is something I have been brewing for 15 years and drinking for twice as long,” says Brennan.

“The brewing procedure is something that has taken quite a while to perfect.”

Peta says the award brings further credibility to the company’s brews.

“We make it a well as the Germans and you can drink it fresh, here on the Gold Coast,” she says.

“It is fantastic to share the award with our team. The success reinforces the quality steps and processes we instil in our

Capacity at the Burleigh brewery increased by 50 per cent last year and the factory’s bottling capabilities were upgraded.

This month, the brewery doubled production with the installation of four new vats at a cost of $30,000 each and there will be more to come later this year.

“It is a very exciting process,” says Fielding.

“There will be more growth ahead, but we will watch it carefully and we won’t let it compromise the quality and authenticity of our product.”

The beer is sold mostly in south-east Queensland with some sales in NSW and Victoria.

“Our primary focus is very much a local vision in south-east Queensland with Gold Coast at the centre of that,” she says.

Burleigh Brewing Company beers stand out on the shelves, with striking labels and memorable names, including My Wife’s Bitter.

“The reason the branding has such resonance is because, like the beer inside, they come from a genuine place – there is a story behind each of the beers and what we call them,” says Fielding.

“We have a lot of fun in the branding process and it is a group effort.”






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