9 October 2015, Written by Lachlan McConnell


THE famous idiom that 'two heads are better than one' rings particularly true in the case of twin brothers Nathan and Joshua Vecchio.

Motivated by a desire to help people achieve their dreams of home ownership, the siblings launched mortgage broking firm Hunter Galloway in 2014, with a promise to put the customer at the heart of the operation.

Starting with no capital and no customers, Hunter Galloway has since grown to service a platform of 500 contacts over the past six months.

The brothers both became disillusioned with the profit-driven nature of banks while working together at BankWest in 2013.

"The one thing I noticed was that I was always working for the organisation and that didn't really sit well with me," says Joshua.

"As soon as I could, I wanted to get out and do what was best for the client's interests by looking out for their needs and not the bank's. That was the real motivation for me."

This ethos is at the heart of the twins' business model, which Nathan says involves creating a foundation, rather than a transaction.

"Our approach is to meet with the client and try to fully understand them," he says.

"We won't talk about any products or solutions; we prefer to go off and do research before we come back and propose those things.

"As a result of having that philosophy, we create customers who are advocates. Our settlements have doubled month on month as a result of that customer-centric approach."

Nathan expects the strong start to Hunter Galloway's operations to continue, as the business finds its feet in its first full year.

"We see the company growing quickly. We've got business partners who are very impressed with what we're doing and want us on-board. So, at the moment, we predict that over the next six months it's going to be at least double, if not triple, what we've done in the past six months."

Author: Lachlan McConnell





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