Being busy does not mean being unhealthy: Top tips for businessmen and women

26 September 2019, Written by Chefgood

Being busy does not mean being unhealthy: Top tips for businessmen and women

As the saying goes, 'if you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.'

Australian businessmen and women are often highly skilled when it comes to managing resources, budgets and risks in business, but many fail miserably when it comes to managing their own health, diet, fitness and general mental and physical wellbeing.

Unless heads are buried deeply in the sand, we have to admit to being aware of the risks associated with obesity, stress, heart disease and high blood pressure.

These states of ill health are usually caused by poor diet, a lack of exercise and a lack of attention to one's general state of health. Of course, the main barrier to instigating change in this regard is a perceived lack of time, so how can we implement a few simple things without stealing too many hours out of our tight schedules?

1. Commit to at least one mindful, meditative or relaxation activity per week.

Just one yoga, Pilates or meditation class or a mindful form of exercise that you enjoy can provide many health benefits to both mind and body. The spill-on effects which can help to increase your productivity at work may be greater focus and concentration, lowered stress levels, lowered blood pressure, increased flexibility and improved general wellbeing.

2. Build exercise into your routine.

Can you commit to walking or cycling to work or playing social tennis at least once per week? Or taking the stairs to your office every day instead of the lift? Choosing to walk to the business meetings that are within a reasonable radius of your office is a good idea, as is walking the dog every evening or early morning. Engaging a personal trainer for a weekly session is also great way to ensure that a diarised commitment leads to regular exercise.

3. Utilise a health-focused, home delivered meal plan service such as Chefgood.

Having healthy meals delivered to your door saves a huge amount of time and also eliminates the risk of making poor meal choices when you are busy and stressed. The benefits are twofold -  the time you would have spent planning, shopping, preparing and cooking meals can be replaced with some form of exercise, further benefitting your body and mind.

Chefgood offer delicious and nutritious meal plans designed to help weight loss or weight maintenance and cater to those following a vegetarian diet too. These calorie-controlled meals delivered to your door in thermally stable boxes are made by qualified chefs using fresh local produce which is high in nutritional value and flavour.

The meals plans are based around your requirements to either lose weight, maintain your weight or to mix it up a little, as well as the veg option. Choose from the Slim & Trim, Train & Tone, Mix & Match or Vegetarian meal plans for calorie-controlled meal portions which are good for you and taste like the top-notch restaurant meal you had last week.

Chefgood meals are the secret to eating well, which sets you up with more energy, more vitality and more time to set those healthy lifestyle changes in place so that you can be the busy yet fit and healthy business man or woman you aspire to be.

This article was published in partnership with Chefgood.

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