8 March 2017,


KATE Middleton knows a thing or two about slaying career goals, having become CEO of insurance engineering firm Censeo at age 36.

In celebration of International Women's Day, Kate has shared her top three tips to take ownership of your career to get where you want to be.

Be tenacious

Tenacity, persistence, determination and perseverance all encompass what you need to stand out in a workplace. Kate came from a rural upbringing and held no undergraduate degree and no corporate experience when she first entered the financial services industry at the age of 23.

Kate was rejected for her first job that she applied for with insurance provider AAMI, however landed a job in a different department within the same company after calling the HR manager for feedback after he interview.

"There are no handouts in life and facing career rejection early on has always shaped my thinking. You have to be tough, tenacious, humble and willing to learn from mistakes to get ahead," says Middleton.

Use time wisely

Time is your most precious resource, so spend it wisely. This includes your personal life, too. The three questions to ask yourself are:

  • Is what I am doing important?
  • Will what I am doing add value to the overall result?
  • Is this the best use of my time?

For example, Middleton applies this thought pattern to the business leads she pursues, the way she approaches emails and social media, and most importantly, who she devotes time to in both a personal and professional setting.

"Your time is precious, so invest wisely. I invest in the projects and in people that are most important and will yield the most rewards, which includes financial success, emotional fulfilment, joy, learning and personal and business growth," says Middleton.

Embrace ritual

Daily rituals and morning habits can really affect how productive you can be during the day. Below is Middleton's personal agenda:

  1. First thing in the morning: I meditate, practice gratitude and do deep breathing exercises.
  2. Never check emails until I have had a big glass of water, a stretch and set out my intentions for the day.
  3. I allow for a few hours of flexibility around lunchtime for exercise or to 'put out' unexpected operational fires.
  4. At the end of the day, I like to watch business interviews online, read business articles and then reconcile all new sales and orders across both businesses.
  5. For me, knowning where the business is sitting at the end of each day helps me frame what activity is important for the following day.
  6. To wind down, I like to cook a healthy meal with my hubby and I am a sucker for a weekly bubble bath (with wine, of course).

"Be prepared for your day and face it with purpose," she says.

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