Atlassian's Trello cracks 50 million user milestone

31 October 2019, Written by Business News Australia

Atlassian's Trello cracks 50 million user milestone

Kanban-style project management tool Trello has today hit a milestone of 50 million registered users, making it Atlassian's most successful business acquisition to date.

Since acquiring Trello in 2017, Atlassian has grown the software from 19 million users to today's bumper 50 million.

To celebrate, Atlassian has expanded the capabilities of the project management program, incorporating AI, automation programs, and Post-Its integration for all users.

Additionally, Trello has launched a template gallery accessible to all users that are specifically geared toward the multiple potential uses of the software.

For example, users can access blank boards that assist in planning weddings or holidays, organising workflow processes, and setting goals for employees.

Board templates have been provided by some of Trello's corporate users including UNICEF, Grand Hyatt, Salesforce, and many more.

Atlassian has also opened up its AI automation bot called 'Butler' to all users, integrating it into the free version of the software as a core feature.

Trello's 'Butler' enables users to program in automated commands, making the project management system an even smoother experience.

"We want to make it as easy as possible to remove any barriers to productivityand that includes wasting time on tasks that a robot could do," says Trello.

"We've seen how successful Butler has made teams through the power of no-code automation, and we want to give every single Trello user access to that power."

The integration of machine learning goes a step further with the implementation of 'Suggested Actions'.

This means Trello will begin suggesting specific actions based on how users use the software. For example, Trello will gradually understand how you use the application the more you use it and begin making suggestions like adding certain Trello users to your boards, adding checklists that are often copied, and adding labels used in your workflow.

Finally, the integration of Post-Its into the platform allows users to take a photo of a Post-It note and integrate it instantly into Trello.

"The app lets you start on paper by brainstorming with Post-it® Notes IRL, then transfers your analogue ideas into Trello by snapping a picture, so your team can keep the ideas flowing, digitally," says Trello.

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