24 October 2017, Written by David Simmons


SOUTH Australian IT specialist Calvert Technologies has expanded its capacity after acquiring Adelaide-based tech group Vivid IT.

Calvert Technologies will absorb Vivid's staff and expertise, and bring on pre-existing clients of Vivid, some of whom are players in the real estate industry.

The agreement will see Vivid IT be dissolved, after operating independently in the industry since 2013. Founder of Vivid, Bobby Collier, has experience in the defence industry with Raytheon and the Australian Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance. He will join Calvert as an account manager.

Prior to the acquisition, Calvert Technologies founder and managing director Dean Calvert (pictured), mentored Collier, meaning the decision to absorb Vivid was a 'no brainer' both culturally and professionally.

"I've been talking to Bobby for some time providing a bit of mentoring for his business and I guess it's a matter of him looking at both his options for growth and getting some work-life balance back," says Calvert.

"When you're a really small IT company you tend to spend a whole lot of time working in the business as well as on it and it can become life consuming."

"I said, one of the things he could do is become part of a larger organisation. We looked at that and it made sense to do something together because there was a great cultural fit."

"Vivid IT was a smaller version of our company, providing managed services and core products such as Office 365 and security, so there's a great alignment."

Calvert Technologies is a Microsoft partner and solutions company that services small business, corporate, and government customers throughout Australia. The group's clients include Group Training NT, the Challenger Gold Mind, Adelaide Expo Hire, Mykra, and LCS Landscapes.

Calvert says the ability of the two companies to put aside the competitive nature of the small Adelaide market should be encouraged in South Australia more often.

"Adelaide being a smaller market, you can tend to find people get a bit more competitive and they're not willing to share, but what my experience has been is that you can help each other without having to be fearful of it," says Calvert.

"Don't be afraid to talk to other people to reach out and burden share. A burden shared is a burden halved."

The integration of Vivid IT into Calvert Solutions should be completed by the end of this month, meaning Calvert's strength in the real estate sector will be greatly improved.

"Vivid IT's strength in the real estate sector will extend our company's existing portfolio of real estate agencies, so we are very happy with this synergy," says Calvert.

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