Adelaide confectioners bring Polly Waffle back from the dead

24 January 2019, Written by David Simmons

Adelaide confectioners bring Polly Waffle back from the dead

Fans of the Polly Waffle were distraught in 2009 when Swiss chocolatiers Nestlé discontinued the heritage brand.

It's cancellation even led to lovers of the sweet paying upwards of $100 on eBay for sealed bars of the marshmallow-filled treat.

But those who thought they'd seen the last of the chocolate bar a decade ago have reason to rejoice today: the Polly Waffle is back!

Thanks to cult South Australian confectioners Robern Menz, the company behind the iconic FruChoc brand, the Polly Waffle will be back on shelves very soon.

Under the agreement Robern Menz will take ownership of the brand and trademark as well as the recipe.

It is a homecoming moment for the Polly Waffle which was first created by Melbourne based Hoadley's Chocolate in 1947.

The brand was then acquired by UK-based confectioner Rowntrees in 1972, and then by Swiss based Nestlé in 1988 when it bought the Rowntree Hoadley's business.

A decade ago Nestlé ditched the Polly Waffle citing poor sales of the product at the time.

Considering the significant time between bars produced of the Polly Waffle, Robern Menz was unable to provide any guidance in terms of when the chocolate will be back on Aussie shelves.

Robern Menz's revival of the cult classic follows the company's recent decision to re-introduce the Violet Crumble back onto Australian shelves after it acquired the brand in 2018.

Robern Menz CEO Phil Sims (pictured) says the acquisition of the Polly Waffle brand is exciting for the company which will produce the bar from its factory in Adelaide.

"With production ceasing almost 10 years ago, Polly Waffle has entered into the territory of Australian legend," says Sims.

"There are kids and even young adults out there who don't really know what a Polly Waffle is and haven't tasted it before, but there are also many devoted fans who have been campaigning hard for its return."

"As an Australian family owned business, we have a real affinity for local brands and to have the opportunity to revive them and bring them back into the market is such a privilege. We also love a challenge and are honoured to be the business that gets the chance to try and bring back the Polly Waffle."

In addition to the Polly Waffle, Robern Menz has also announced that it is bringing back another highly requested product back to shelves the Violet Crumble 180g bag.

The new format, which comprises bitesize versions of the chocolate bar, will be available from March 2019.

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