‘Dwelling’ key to online success

1 December 2010,

JUNE 2010

WORLDWIDE digital advertising agency Eyeblaster has found that Australian’s have the lowest average dwell rate for online advertisements globally – proving that a lasting first impression is essential to a successful online marketing campaign.

In its latest benchmark report, the corporation analysed the results of more than 13 billion media impressions globally and found a direct link between high dwell rate and high conversion rate.

If Australian companies are to replicate the high conversion rate seen by internet ‘dwellers’ such as Asia and Europe, advertisements need a more immediate impact to maintain audiences for longer.

Eyeblaster’s tips to increase ‘dwelling’

• Place ads in environments where users spend ample time on the webpage. The longer users spend with the publisher’s content, the higher their dwell rate.
• Use video. One of the advantages of video banners is that the publisher’s content is typically static. Therefore, moving pictures tend to draw attention from the content to the ad.
• Get assertive. Good display ads are like good salesmen – they need the right amount of engagement to get the job done. As with video banners, ads that make an effort to be seen typically get higher engagement from users.






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